Consumer Protection

Consumer ContractIn today’s economy, not all businesses follow the principle that the customer is always right. Many view customers as targets and not potential long-term partners. Our consumer protection practice is focused on protecting¬†Baltimore¬†consumers from unscrupulous business practices.

Long-Term Contracts

Many businesses draw in customers by offering large discounts for signing a long-term contracts or by offering short-term trial periods that automatically renew. Often, the services received are not up to the promises made to get the consumer to sign. If a business hasn’t fulfilled its end of the bargain or you’re having difficulty getting a business to honor a cancelation request, contact us for assistance.

Charity Scams

Many consumers also find that donations that have made to a charity don’t go toward their intended purpose. If you believe someone is falsely representing themselves as a charity or is misappropriating funds, you may be entitled to have your money returned.