Child Custody

Child selecting mother versus fatherWhen deciding issues of child custody or visitation in Maryland the law commonly looks to what is commonly known the “best interest” of the child standard. Multiple factors are considered by the Court in determining the best interest of a minor child,. Factors such as the fitness of the parent, who the child primarily resides or resided with, the opportunity for visitation, the existence of written agreements between the parties, and the preference of the child are a small number of the factors that the may be considered by the Court in making a determination.

Custody in Maryland is divided into two types: Legal Custody and Physical Custody:

Legal Custody

Gives the parent the right to make decisions regarding matters of major significance concerning a child’s welfare and upbringing. Items such as religious training, education, and medical care to name a few are vested in the parent with legal custody.

Physical Custody

Deals with the actual living arrangements of the child(ren) and usually bestows on the parent authority over the daily decisions regarding the child.

Various combinations of legal and physical custody may be ordered by the Court. Sole legal and physical custody, shared legal and or physical custody or various combinations may be agreed to by the parties or ordered by the Court.

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